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The video showing New York flooded due to global warming

A couple of film makers imagined what would happen to the Big Apple if the global temperature rose of two degrees


Claire & Max are a couple of film makers and travellers in love with New York and its urban landscape. They already chose it in 2016 for a short film called Illusions, showing buildings and skyscrapers getting flat until they became two-dimensional shapes laying on wooden and metallic frames.

This time, they have a way more critical approach. Two ° C shows how rising sea levels caused by a further 2 ° C temperature increase would affect global warming. New York would be submerged by the sea, as scientist James Hansen predicted in his research, where he talks about New York as a ghost town with flooded pavements and streets. 

two°C - New-York City from Claire&Max on Vimeo.


“The role of men in our society is one of our favourite work themes, together with the theme of void and abandonment. We are extremely aware of the impact of humanity on the environment. Global warming, represented in this short film with rising sea levels, is just one of many forms of environmental degradation, like air and water pollution, resource depletion and soil impoverishment.

Claire & Max are not the first ones to talk about a city submerged by the sea. They claim to have been inspired by Olivier Country & Vivien Balzi from ArtefactoryLab, who, six years ago, filmed a short movie called ‘5:45 am – Paris underwater’. Their goal was purely artistic but try to watch it now!


5:46 am - Paris underwater from ArtefactoryLab on Vimeo.



by Carlotta Marelli / 28 June 2017


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