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17 October 2017

How to furnish an extra-tiny home making 16sqm seem like 100 in this Paris one-room flat

'Minimum Functional Space' by EDB studio transforms a small Paris apartment by means of vasistas and foldaway furniture

Marco Dapino

EDB Studio has turned this tiny one-room studio apartment in Paris into a ‘Minimum Functional Space’

Is it possible to furnish a tiny 16smq home, equipping it with all the functions of a 100sqm apartment? The question might surely give a headache to the most gifted architect. Enrico D. Bona’s Paris-based EDB Studio has nevertheless managed to achieve this astonishing result by turning a small one-room flat in the Marais district into a real Minimum Functional Space. Thanks to a multi-functional furnishing element, these 16 square meters work both as an architecture studio – complete with workstation – and a private home equipped with kitchen, dining table, two separate beds, sofa and bathroom with any conceivable comfort. 

All photo credits © Marco Dapino

A multi-functional central element made of malé-white and London grey Fenix - a super opaque nanotech material – actually furnishes the flat by taking on different configurations by means of vasistas and pop-up solutions, suitable for any everyday need. At the entrance of this mini-flat we are welcomed by a recess equipped with sink, burner and foldaway shelf for the kitchenette, complete with drawers, fridge and under-sink storage unit. 

In the main room, a change of color in the intrados of a foldaway bed marks the presence of a drop-leaf table with magnetic blocking. Between the two beds – behind which a stylized map of Paris arrondissements peeps out –, a grey vertical blade reveals the entrance door to a hidden, shape-shifting bathroom: the shower box disappears thanks to sliding glass doors. Another square area (see photo below), apparently integrated into the wall, can be turned into an architect’s worktable. The differently colored table leg suggests the foldaway movement. 

From Paris to Beijing by crossing (read also → Baitasi House → Da Londra l'idea che arreda un monolocale intelligente), the play of Chinese boxes continues, challenging space, a growingly scarce resource in our demographically explosive era. Here, too, renovation works have been careful and gentle, keeping intact all the Parisian charm exuding from the flat’s wood beams and the beautiful 1700s wrought iron window railings. 


by Roberto Fiandaca / 17 October 2017


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