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Il diario quotidiano di Elledecor.it tenuto dalla redazione. Per scoprire anteprime, protagonisti e tendenze del mondo del design, del progetto e degli interni. Un appuntamento fisso per essere aggiornati sulle ultime novità in fatto di arredi e interior design, un'occasione unica per fotografare in tempo reale quanto succede intorno alla parola casa e alle sue nuove declinazioni.

02 August 2017

Glamping 2.0: a luxury sphere floating on trees

A futuristic luxury tent suspended above the ground, Cocoon Tree Bed provides a personal retreat mixing relax with privacy


Cocoon Bed Tree is a minimalist spherical structure that can be assembled in any natural location

Glamping is an increasingly fashionable trend in 2017: indeed, there are countless luxury tents and camping sites up for grab, where to wake up gently to the sound of birds chirping and lush, hushing woods. And Cocoon Tree Bed, the last frontier of hyper-luxury tent gateways, has just made its debut in the business.

A modern and minimalist spherical structure, it can be assembled in any natural location: whether suspended above the trees, or installed on the ground through ad hoc adaptable anchor points, or peacefully lying on a floating platform, this futuristic structure is a go-to solution for versatile travellers willing to enjoy sweeping views of nature.

Easy to set up and remove, Cocoon Tree Bed is a contemporary tree house featuring a solid, 100% safe frame and strictly eco-friendly materials. There is also large room for customisation here: although the tent’s robust membrane skin is well-ventilated, fan, air-conditioning, and heating unit scan can be fitted in case of harsh weather conditions. The Cocoon Splash is also available, meaning a fully-equipped outdoor suspended shower and private toilet. 

Well, these avant-garde hideaways imbued with glamping philosophy are definitely a great fit for travel enthusiasts aiming to delve deep into the landscape and spot new panoramic corners without sacrificing maximum comfort. 


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by Essia Sahli / 2 August 2017


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