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Il diario quotidiano di Elledecor.it tenuto dalla redazione. Per scoprire anteprime, protagonisti e tendenze del mondo del design, del progetto e degli interni. Un appuntamento fisso per essere aggiornati sulle ultime novità in fatto di arredi e interior design, un'occasione unica per fotografare in tempo reale quanto succede intorno alla parola casa e alle sue nuove declinazioni.

30 November 2017

A LEGO brick might not exactly be forever, yet… beautiful enough for a new, playful collection of LEGO compatible jewelry

Paris-based Hint Lab studio and their idea to treat Lego bricks as precious gems for a series of rings and earrings


Playful & Precious Jewelry by Hint Lab is a collection of unconventional jewels made from LEGO bricks combined with bronze, brass, silver and gold

Would you like to make a truly original gift? What about a collection of rings and earrings made from LEGO bricks? All right, just while in Rome a new, exciting exhibition about the most famous building bricks ever is taking place – Brickmania, at the Guido Reni District, until 28 January 2018 – French designers from Paris-based studio Hint Lab have launched a new idea that LEGO lovers – and especially lady LEGO lovers at that – won’t fail to cherish. Playful & Precious Jewelry is a collection of bronze, brass, sterling silver and gold jewels, paying homage to our childhood’s favorite bricks, treating them just as if they were diamonds and rubies. 

A cheerful, playful and carefree customizable collection to match differently each day according to your mood and clothing. Five different, brightly colored and joyful ring and two earring models respectively are currently available on Etsy for 70 euros each.

After sketching their shape on paper, the LEGO jewels are made by 3D print and other traditional cast methods. Everything is carefully finalized so that each brick fits perfectly into its jewel structure, resulting in a beautiful, unconventional object that can be further personalized by the customer. 

The aim of these jewels is that of “reminding people to keep their inner child run and roam free”, designers Thomas and Allie explained, “because, after all, the most sophisticated people we know, they are all children inside.” The two designers spent many years in Shanghai, China, and once come back to Europe they decided that design, for them, was exactly this: to delight people through unexpected, unconventional objects and experiences.

And you, what do you think? Is a LEGO brick forever too? 



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