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di Elledecor.it editorial staff

The daily diary of Elledecor.it kept by the editorial staff. To discover previews, protagonists and trends in the world of design and interiors. 

12 January 2018

America’s most loved artist paints Atlanta’s tallest walls

A 20x30m graffiti dotted with black circles: it’s Alex Brewer’s latest project on Icon Midtown, a new iconic building (still under construction) in Atlanta


Located in Atlanta’s most artistic district, Icon Midtown is a new multifunctional residential tower with 390 apartments and offices of different dimensions. The building has all the characteristics to become an iconic symbol, especially as it also features a graffiti by HENSE, aka Alex Brewer, the city’s most popular artist, now famous worldwide. Thanks to his talent, originality and boldness, he is often asked to work on art projects not only related to street art.

His latest graffiti is 20x30m, with an almost three-dimensional varnish with elevated black dots. A series of varnished aluminum panels create 3D focal points, while the red blocks look like huge brush strokes. The graffiti also features a series of wide yellow lines that look like someone draw them and then let the paint randomly drop down the wall as all the other colour sections. This geometric abstractionism recalls the artist’s most recent sculptures. 

HENSE’s creation, commissioned by Related Development, can be considered ‘crazy’, as it contains Alex Brewer’s strong personality on a seemingly normal structure that wants to stand out from the other artistic ones in the same neighbourhood. 

“Working on such a big scale is really exciting. I feel like this project will profoundly change the neighbourhood’s perception of the city. It’s not something you have to chance to work on everyday” said HENSE in a recent interview. “I always thought that this building would have marked the entrance to Atlanta’s creative district and to Piedmont Park, which is why we wanted to add an artist component to it” explained Ed Allen, Vice President of the building company.

The lights are still missing but the graffiti is completed: you just need to admire it closely if you happen to be in Atlanta. 

by Elena Marzorati / 12 January 2018


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