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Elle Decor Italia

Masquepacio creatives bring color back into interior design

Christophe Penasse illustrates the genesis of projects by the Spanish duo, who, after snapping up prizes upon prizes, are now looking to the future and the fashion world

Studio Masquepacio creative duo Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse 

The now famous Spanish studio Masquepacio has freshly opened the doors of its second Doctor Manzana flagship store in Valencia. The successful collaboration between the creatives’ duo formed by Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse with the renowned brand specialized in mobile phone repairs and gadgets continues after the opening of the first store, launched in 2013.

Compared to the previous store, the new one stands out for its chromatic exuberance. Several landmarks remain, though. One of Masquepacio’s most obvious peculiarities is the total customization of each project, carried out in an often rather subtle way.

Since the brand’s latest reinvention focused mainly on 54°angled touch screen panels (similar to restaurant touch screen order pads), Masquepacio applied the same angle to the store’s interior design. The real novelty, though, is the new collection of Doctor Workshop high stool chairs designed by Masquespacio, on display in the store’s workshop area, that inaugurate the studio’s new furniture sub-brand Mas Creations. In order to know more about the new project we asked Christophe a few questions. 

What are the main features of this project? For what exactly does it stand out compared to the first store?

We maintained the overall design aesthetics, yet at the same time updating it by adding new, supplementary materials, textures and functions. It was crucial to us to keep the same corporate identity the company featured 4 years ago besides offering a wholly innovative design concept.

You have developed a rather recognizable style: vividly contrasting colors, attention to the relationship between brand and setting (as the 54° inclination clearly demonstrates), neat geometrical shapes, a certain predilection for tiles. How would you describe Masquepacio style? What is your aesthetic vision?

Our style is created to suit any demand on the client’s part. Many people say they can definitely recognize our style, even if we actually seek to offer an entirely different concept to each different client. The key aspect to our project is that we always try to create a space with the power to attract visitors emotionally.  

Masquepacio studio, Valencia (read also → Restyling multicolor)

What is your projectual approach?

There is always a first survey stage about the client’s needs and brand values in order to define the aesthetic guidelines. This is the main target, the one that defines our projects for any client. 

Have you ever had radically different opinions from those of your client? What do you do in such a case?

Yes, that can happen, of course. I will always offer my commercial vision, simultaneously taking into account both the client’s demands and the brand’s identity. Ana, though, will have the last word on the design. 

The Albabel restaurant, Picaña, has been recently renovated by Masquepacio (read also → Piastrelle colorate per un ristorante solare)

What about your future projects?

We are currently working on many new interesting projects. Over the next few months, we are going to launch several restaurants, student campuses and new furniture collections.

Have you already considered designing a flagship store for your new brand Mas Creations? Any idea yet?

Mas Creations' underlying idea was to display our personal vision of furniture and lighting design. Since it is still at its beginning stage, we are mainly focusing on the creation of new designs made by our studio practice now, without the inevitable limitations that occur while working on projects that are made for others. Even though we already have many ideas we’d like to develop, the evolution of Mas Creations will be defined in the future.

After creating hotels, restaurants and stores, what would you like to design?

Actually, what would excite us most is the possibility to work alongside several luxury brands, both on a small or a larger scale.

Fashion houses, step forward.

Nozomi Sushi Bar, Valencia. Masquepacio studio has curated its interiors and corporate identity (read also → Un sushi bar a Valencia)


by Stefano Annovazzi Lodi / 25 September 2017


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