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Ryan Korban, New York designer who redefined luxury

New York's most promising interior designer tells us the secret behind his interiors

© Ryan Korban

Sesso, romanticismo e fantasia caratterizzano lo stile unico di Ryan Korban. Ecco come sta  cambiando il mondo dello shopping di lusso

After publishing his book Redefinition of luxury, Ryan Korban seduced New York fashion world (and not only) with his sensual and elegant interiors. The young designer overtook trends and redefined the concept of luxury itself through a unique and personal aesthetic research, characterised by a mix of objects and luxury materials, ancient romantic echoes and modern urban chic. He kindly answered a couple of questions we had about his aesthetics and new trends influencing luxury shopping in New York

In the picture: the black and white interiors of Alexander Wang's flagship store in New York

How do you define luxury?

“I believe luxury is all about giving a new life to luxury objects that are no longer treated as precious and untouchable, but instead are now part of everyday life. Fashion already made this definition its own, but I don’t think this happened in the interiors world yet.” 

In the picture: the black and white interiors of Alexander Wang's flagship store in New York

Your interiors are doubtlessly unique and trendy – what are your aesthetic references?

“The three elements that define my style are sex, romanticism and fantasy. It’s hard to say which is the most important as it is their mixture that creates something fascinating and beautiful. I also believe it is fundamental to have a clearly defined and recognisable aesthetic. There are so many designers nowadays and it’s really easy to get lost.”

In the picture: the interiors of shoe brand Aquazzura store in New York 

Among your most popular clients, there are some big names from the fashion world like Alexander Wang (who asked you to work for him when he was still creative director at Balenciaga) and Edgardo Osorio, designer at Aquazzura. The interiors you designed for their brands represent a new generation of luxury stores, what inspired you?

“I believe that interior design, just like fashion, is art. I like to start a project related to a sensation. What’s the mood I want to pass down? I love the challenge of creating boutiques that are so seducing one needs to purchase something, a souvenir from that space and that experience. I think that the contrast with exteriors is able to create exciting and unforgettable spaces. This is why museums are a great source of inspiration for my store projects. One of my favourites is the British Museum, one of the most astonishing architectural master pieces I have ever seen.”

In the picture: the restyling of Balenciaga's stores, here the interiors of a boutique in Madrid


by Eugenia Murialdo / 7 September 2017


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