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6 Christmas presents for coffee addicts

We all have a coffee addict among our friends or family members. Here is a selection of gift suggestions for them to fully enjoy their daily ritual.


Ember è una tazza intelligente in ceramica che mantiene la temperatura desiderata per ore grazie a un'apposita applicazione per smartphone

Looking for caffeine-based Christmas presents? There you go!

Coffee is more than just a simple beverage or an ally against tiredness. It has always been a break dedicated to ourselves or an excuse to meet and chat with others. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, why not get inspired by coffee for your coffee-addict friends’ gifts?

This Christmas, Nespresso presented the Confetto Limited Edition Variations, an exclusive, colourful and cheerful collection in partnership with Craig & Karl, recalling children’s sweets. The variations are three; they all have Nespresso blend Livanto as a common base but each capsule has been personalized with a texture by the two designers. Confetto Snowball is a delicious combination of coconut and vanilla; Confetto Orangette blends the sweet and sour of orange skin with chocolate; Confetto Liquorice is a tasty mix of spices and licorice. 

For those looking for an original coffee machine, there’s nothing better than the Wolkswagen’s new Barista Beetle designed by Jarim Koo. As the name suggests, it is an easy but sophisticated machine inspired by the famous car model. The designer embodied the German brand image and identity into this unique and elegant design object, recalling the car typical lines from the lid to the body of the machine. 

Otherwise, why not opt for Jolie Plus, Lavazza’s new machine from A Modo Mio domestic system. Here it is in a new fantastic Christmas limited edition dedicated to ‘Stars Wars: The last Jedi™’, where the dark side of the force inspired a darker look.

Another ideal Christmas gift for coffee-addicts is doubtlessly Ember, the world’s smartest coffee mug. It can take your coffee to the desired temperature and maintain it exact for several hours. But the new ceramic Ember is even smarter. There’s no on/off switch as the mug detects when there’s liquid inside and asks the user to select the desired temperature with an app. 

If you need to find a present for someone who is always on the move, you should get them Staresso, a great new espresso machine, easy to use and with an elegant design. It doesn’t require any particular maintenance and its open design makes it easy and quick to clean. This is ideal to enjoy the same good taste you get at a cafe anywhere you are. 

South America lovers? Well, Mexican designer José Bermúdez and Colombian Vrokka and Fango Studio recently gave birth to Samaná, a product line that mixes all the coffee culture from Central and South America. The pieces include wooden and ceramic drawer-table, mugs, spoons and containers, all with a rustic and traditional style. 

If you prefer a more Italian-style gift, Illy just presented its new coffee mugs and cups Art Collection by photographer Maurizio Galimberti. The collection is characterized by iconic Italian cities and their most famous spots pictured in a series of frames printed on the famous cup designed by Matteo Thun in 1991. From Trieste to Venice, passing by Milan, Florence, Pisa and Rome, the photographer decomposed these cities in a Polaroid story, amplifying the power of images and engaging observers. The taste of coffee will always be good, but we know aesthetics matter too. 



by Essia Sahli / 6 December 2017


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