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Elle Decor Italia

Christmas recipes: our cuisine & design menu

Four designers, three chefs and a mixologist for a Christmas menu by elledecor.it

Andrea Pedretti

A complete Christmas menu by elledecor.it

Among thousand Christmas recipes suggestions, elledecor.it’s list couldn’t possibly overlook design. In order to prepare our personal Christmas menu, we engaged four designers, three young chefs and a mixologist. An then we asked MagentaBureau for assistance, the company responsible for bringing the Identità Golose and Arte del Convivio fairs to Milan (as well as to Boston, Chicago, London and New York) each year – the cooking school that has made available to us their Milanese locations to prepare the recipes of our Christmas lunch

Let us begin from the courses, with starters served on items by Casalinghe di Tokyo aka Alice Schillaci, young Milan-based designer that began self-producing limited edition table collections made by skilled craftsmen. A second course by Kiasmo, an Apulia-based company founded by Vincenzo D’Alba, Francesco Maggiore and Mauro Melissano, a successful combination of design, art and fashion. Lastly, a dessert served on a plate by Apulian-born, Milanese-based eclectic designer Vito Nesta for Les Ottomans. Glasses by di Alessandra Baldereschi for Ichendorf, a designer who stands out for her poetic, refined approach.

In order to get our Christmas recipes prepared, three chefs have alternated themselves at the cooktop. Edoardo Fumagalli, chef at the Locanda del Notaio in Pellio Intelvi and winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 contest; Marco Ambrosino, chef of the 28POSTi Bistrot in Milan; and Davide Pascale, pastry-cook at the Spazio Milano restaurant currently managed by chef Gaia Giordano, in Milan. Behind the counter, Tommaso Cecca, bar manager at Caffè Trussardi, in Milan as well. 

Hors d’oeuvres: Seared scallops, cauliflower and sea-urchins

Ingredients for 4 people: 8 scallops; 8,8 oz white cauliflower; 8,8 oz purple cauliflower; 8,8 oz yellow cauliflower; 8,8 oz Roman cauliflower; 1,8 oz sea-urchins: 1,8 saltwort. Extra virgin olive oil; pepper; 1,05 oz white wine vinegar. 


Boil 7,05 oz white cauliflower into abundant hot water for about 6 minutes. Drain the cauliflower, keeping part of the cooking water and whip it until you get a homogeneous, smooth purée. Keep it warm until serving. Repeat the same operation with the purple and yellow cauliflowers, and the Roman cauliflower. Blanch the remaining cauliflowers for 1 minute in salted, zested water. Drain and cool down. Let sear the slightly oiled, salted and peppered scallops in a pre-heated pan.

Plating and serving:

Spoon the cauliflower purées onto a plate along the scallops and sea urchins. Garnish with saltwort and blanched cauliflowers.

All photos by © Andrea Pedretti

Second course: Grilled grey mullet, sea-Béarnaise herb sauce, fish eggs, yeast

Pil pil base: 7,05 oz fish skin; 3,5 oz seed oil

Put everything into a vacuum-sealed bag, steam-bake for 1 h at 80°, whip it all once it has been baked.

Béarnaise sauce: whip 3,5 oz pil pil into the Bimby, 3,5 oz white fish broth, 17,6 oz smoked oil, 0,88 oz soy sauce, 0,88 oz Marsala, 0,88 oz dry white wine, 2,6 oz Xeres vinegar, 1,05 oz browned herbs, 1 bay leaf, chives, lemon verbena, thyme, fennel, tarragon.

Grill the fish fillet, cover it with Béarnaise sauce, and complete by adding fish eggs pickled in brine, toasted yeast and milfoil leaves. 

Meringue, tangerine and cream

Ingredients for 4 people:

Meringa: 8,8 oz albumen; 17,6 oz sugar

Panna cotta: 17,6 oz fresh cream; 1,4 oz caster sugar; 0,3 oz fish gelatin; untreated tangerine zest


Meringa: Beat the egg whites and sugar and place a silpat silicone mat or a sheet of baking paper on them in a very thin layer. Bake at 90° for 50 minutes.   

Panna cotta: Cold-infuse the tangerine zest into the cream for one night in the fridge. Filter. Put the cream into a small pot and almost bring it to boil. At this point, add the sugar, turn off the oven and let temperature slowly decrease for a few minutes. Add the previously soaked and squeezed fish gelatin and pour the mixture into the silicone molds. Cover and let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 h.

Warm up the molds in your hands and pull out the panna cotta by turning the molds upside down onto the plate. Remove excess liquid, break the Meringa into pieces with your hands and arrange them around the panna cotta.



3cl vodka

2 cl mint liquor

1 drop dittany

2,5 cl whipped milk cream

For an unforgettable after dinner, Tommaso Cecca proposes a revisitation of the White Spider, a renowned 1920s cocktail. First of all, in order to highlight the glass berries at the bottom of the glass, Cecca has created a layer of slightly iced water (10 minutes in the refrigerator should suffice). The glass’s rim has been subsequently brushed with coconut chips and benzoin resin. Then add shaken iced vodka and mint liquor, and a layer of whipped milk cream.

Photo credits © elledecor.it

by Carlotta Marelli / 13 December 2017


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