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7 designer Christmas trees that will make you fall in love with London

London gets even more festive with these eclectic designer Christmas trees


Sette alberi di Natale firmati da stilisti, designer, artisti addobbano Londra e creano la magia del Natale in maniera spettacolare. Nella foto, l'albero-scultura in vetro realizzata dal designer Lee Broom all'interno dello Shard. 

With its uniqueness and elegance, London is surely one of the best places to feel the magical Christmas atmosphere and to celebrate this tradition with its stunning Christmas trees. From lights in Oxford Street to decorated shops, from little markets to local churches with Christmas songs.

But when hotels, restaurants and museums commission Christmas trees to stylists, designers and artists, marvellous multisensorial masterpieces come to life. From Karl Lagerfeld’s genius reinterpretation of his childhood memories to a huge glass tree at the Shard. From Knightsbridge’s piece of Sicily by Dolce&Gabbana to Japanese origami art at Nobu.

We have carefully selected the top seven trees, the most unique and beautiful.

London Edition Hotel’s Christmas tree by artist John Booth

John Booth is an illustrator, ceramicist and textile designer from London. He’s famous for his graphic aesthetics featuring multi-layer collages bursting with different textures and colours used for the Christmas tree in London Edition Hotel’s Lobby Bar. For this project, as for many others, Booth was inspired by abstract art, artists such as Karel Appel and Betty Woodman, retro children’s playgrounds and post-modern Italian design. The tree decorations will be sold to House of Voltaire Gallery and part of the revenue will be donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity that supports LGBTQ youth and homeless people. 


The Christmas tree at Ace Hotel is a projection by Sebastian Zeigler

Icelander photographer Sebastian Zeigler is the author of Evergreen, the Christmas tree at the iconic Ace Hotel, which is a projection telling the story of a Norwegian red spruce. The tree is actually on a big screen in the hotel hall and it is a true reinterpretation of a traditional Christmas tree, focusing on nature narrative and observation, as typical of Zeigler. To make this video, Zeigler went to Norway for the first snow and filmed one tree focusing on the environment around it. The lobby has also been decorated with natural spruce branches and a pine-apple-fern scent. 




Dolce&Gabbana bring Sicily to Harrods

You have time until December 28th to stop by at Harrods and be amazed by the dreamy shop windows designed by the two stylists for Christmas. A true masterpiece inspired by the marionette theatre, where the protagonists are not medieval knights and dames but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Not too far away, facing Hans Crescent, there is the tree, decorated with colourful lights and big golden ribbons. The base was made with typical Sicilian boxes and patterns. 


Lee Broom’s glass tree at Aqua Shard

Over the past ten years, the British designer collaborated with the best craftsmen to work on his projects and he recently partnered with Nude to design a spectacular tree in the atrium of Aqua Shard, the restaurant on the 31st floor of Renzo Piano’s skyscraper. 245 hand-blown glass pendant lights make up a 6-metre-high shiny tree over the stunning London skyline. Each of the 245 lights will be available for purchase on Lee Broom’s website and two-thirds of the final revenue will be donated to charity. 





Nobu Hotel’s Christmas tree speaks Japanese and is by Papershake


Nobu Hotel, inaugurated in the heart of Shoreditch early this year, commissioned a three-metre-high tree to origami masters Pepershake. The resulting masterpiece combines elements from ancient Japanese art with modern parametric projection techniques. This huge paper origami is lit from the inside and has hundreds of facets capturing light, creating a geometric series of light and dark. Its location has been carefully studied: the tree has been positioned next to the main wall of the hotel hall, made of an eclectic collection of hand-made tiles, some from 18th-century France and others from ’30-‘50s Staffordshire. 




Claridge’s tree by Karl Lagerfeld

A series of upside-down red spruces located in the hotel hall visually lead to a 2-metre-high upside-down tree inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s childhood memories. It has silver roots and it is decorated with a specular cut star reflecting the light through the art-deco hall of this Mayfair hotel. Other decorations include silver, feathers, snowflakes and candles hand-made by craftsmen in Germany. Underneath the tree, a big white rug made with Icelandic sheep fur makes us believe it just snowed. 


Es Devlin’s Singing Tree at the V&A Museum

All visitors coming into the museum from the main entrance on Cromwell Road are amazed by this unique tree. It’s a cloud of voices, music and floating words, projected on the tiny pieces of wood the tree is composed by. In the next two weeks, visitors will be able to write a word or a short quote about love and Christmas (which you can submit either online or at the museum). The ‘poems’ will be later combined and elaborated with textual and sound algorithms to keep this multi-phonic structure growing and changing. Devlin, set designer of artists such as Kanye West and Beyonce, collaborated with the Royal Opera House, the National Theatre, video designer Luke Halls, creative technologist Ross Goodwin, creative agency Sunshine and Res.Lab for the music. 


by Valentina Mariani / 4 December 2017


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