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Elle Decor Italia

Last minute presents: 5 ideas by 5 gallerists for a truly successful gift

Several tips by the founders of Italy’s most renowned design galleries for a perfect Christmas gift: functional and, above all gorgeous

five-christmas design-presents

Five galleries suggest five unique objects to make a splendid Christmas present. Photo credits © Simone Bretti

A recent survey by the Codacons has revealed that the Christmas gifts rush is a steadily growing phenomenon in the last few years, and that last-minute purchases are almost the rule. As a consequence, many presents are the result of too a hasty choice, and, therefore, a less than suitable gift.

In order to avoid to make undesired presents, we asked five art and design galleries to suggest us five pieces to make as many perfect Christmas gifts.

Our request brought forth five unusual, unique and surely successful objects to place under the Christmas tree. From phylogenetically inspired vases to a globe through which you can peep and see the stars. From ultra-precious, glamorous gilded lamps to unconventional design seats.

Secondome gallery: SKY stellar map - COEXIST project by Gio Tirotto

 “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”, Albert Einstein used to say. Something Gio Tirotto is well aware of. With his SKY stellar map, he challenges the laws of geography annihilating distances and creating a web of simultaneously exiting viewpoints.

Through this beautiful, transparent globe – just 30 limited edition pieces – you can literally look through the stars. The SKY stellar map features an elegant brass frame, while the globe is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass. An ancient object with a new interpretation that triggers our imagination. 


Spazio Rossana Orlandi: the Primates Vases collection by Elena Salmistraro for Bosa Ceramiche

Young designer Elena Salmistraro wanted to explore the delicate relationship between men and apes by binging back apes to our domestic setting, in order to seduce us by their primeval life force. In this way, a new collection of vases was born, depicting mandrills, de Brazza’s monkeys, kandtis (these being the technical names of the African cercopithecids we descend from), with ultra-colorful, unusual textures and details.

“Why actually buy them, though? Because they are original, functional, powerful, communicative, ironic and beautiful”, explains Rossana Orlandi.



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Giustini Stagetti: Black Hole Sun Wall Lamp

Included in the Black Hole Sun collection, designed exclusively for the Giustini Stagetti gallery, these lamps feature a cascade of 18 Kt gilded plated brass fringes. A precious object of great visual and emotional impact that by combining the geometric rigor of classic balance and the dynamism of contemporary aesthetics, perfectly embodies an ideal, precious object of desire. 



Photo credits © Omar Golli

Camp Design:  Composition C Chair by Studio La Cube

With the Composition C Chair Studio La Cube plays with the basic, simple geometries of one of the most innovative objects in the history of humankind: chairs. Small, comfortable and light, Composition C reveals the vision of its two young, promising authors.

Studio La Cube aka Stefano Fusani and Clara Hernandez, two young Madrid-based, international designers, focus their research on the pure cubic shape, working on its many different, infinite reinterpretations. Shape becomes the starting point to develop new, steadily evolving aesthetics. 


Nilufar: Catch Box Sconce by Lindsay Adelman

“A functional, elegant object featuring a unique decorative minimalism, able to create the most suitable atmosphere in these festive days”, explains Nina Yashar illustrating the piece she chose for us. The lamp, which is part of a 10-unique-piece limited collection, was inspired by the artist’s strong attraction towards the subject of ‘constructed’ vs ‘natural’ environment. The lamp actually reminds her of something “amorphous and alive, something that resounds and somehow transpires within an urban block”, Ms. Adam explains. 




by Valentina Mariani / 15 December 2017


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