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Multitasking gifts for the home? Test it with the containers Brick by Caccaro

The perfect gift idea for someone who has just mooved to live alone, has just bought a house or simply is a design enthusiast. Balancing flexibility

Gifts for the home are original gift ideas perfect for anyone who has just moved to live alone, the homebuyer or simply is a design enthusiast. Brick, modular box system designed by Simone Cagnazzo for Caccaro, offers more than one spark. For the variety of compositions that fit easily in spaces of different sizes, or because of the essentiality of the sign that harmoniously coexists with very different styles.

Another good reason to choose Brick as a gift is that it is multitasking, and transversal, and thus in line with current trends which see the establishment of a more flexible relation between the cabinet - necessarily practical, functional, with advanced mechanisms for opening and closing - and the spaces of the house.

Brick, therefore, does not have a single location or a favorite destination it can range from the living area - which, in the double-sided version, can be a freestanding room divider – to the sleeping area.

Thanks to the wide choice of modules which, combined together, create multiple configurations - with ground solutions, or raised - for every need. The composition can be lightened by the open compartment, vertically or horizontally, arranged for the passage of cables of electronic equipment due to the opening on the back.

Worth noting - for fans of high fidelity and TV series - Brick Multimedia, a proposal that combines aesthetics and rationality of Brick compositions with the most current technological performance: it is a suspended wall system with flap or drawers equipped with the integrated pedestal TV stand that allows the passage of the cables and the device orientation. The space below accommodates a high-quality audio system, integrated and controllable with a Bluetooth device; the front of the fore is in perforated metal and allows a perfect pass for the audio and electronic signals.



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by Alec Cinque / 17 December 2016


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