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Elle Decor Italia

Table setting ideas for a Christmas in red

A few design tips to lighten up the festivities with a total red mise en place


Traditional ornaments for a perfect Christmas table setting

For all tradition addicts, here’s a few design tips on how to set up a very red, festive Christmas table.

Mirthful and vigorous, red is the protagonist of innumerable Christmas decorations: a natural booster of vitality, it is a remedy against both sloth and melancholy, accompanying us through our deep, dark December and making this particularly beloved month the most colorful of the entire year. Red as the decorations on your Christmas tree, red as butcher’s broom berries, red ad Santa’s clothes… Red as the perfect mise en place for your table, be it monochromatic or merrily multi-colored.

Iconic Finnish design brand iittala presents a super-posh Christmas table. Evocative Kaasa tealight candleholders, the sinuous lines of the historic Alvar Aalto vases, the beautiful Snow Dove, Oiva Toikka’s latest creation together with the Taika table set, the ideal base to Klaus Haapaniemi’s magical decorations, the ‘dew-drops’ Kastehelmi Plates (also by Oiva Toikka), all of them beautifully blending into a perfect, brightly red Christmas table setting.

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Bitossi, on the other hand, propounds decidedly festive table decorations including Bugie di Cera (a set of candles+candleholders, 100% natural wax), a glass cake stand from the Pois collection – the perfect thing for your Christmas treats! –, the absolutely red Clessidra hourglass, an indispensable tool to measure the time of the innumerable hours spent chatting with aunts and grannies – and the pitcher/glasses Spot Collection which literally seems to have sprung out from a bucket of red paint.

Alessi has selected a very special shade of red for a chic yet helpful Christmas table: that of RED, an international non-profit organization raising funds for AIDS treatment. At the same time, Marcel Wander’s Christmas table designed for his Dressed for X-mas collection enters Alessi’s range of special editions. Even the CATUS! fruit bowl by CSA-Marta Sansoni comes in a smart, bright red.

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Here’s a classic piece to bring champagne flutes and cocktails to your Christmas table: the warm, colorful Kaleido Tray by Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay.

If, between courses, you need a little break to arrange some cherished project of yours (be it artistic or simply sentimental), here’s the stunning 20-sided Pocket Art Director dice designed by Fuzzco for Pretend Store: the perfect tool for on-the-go advice and last minute drastic decisions!

A geometric style highlights the new table set by Jean Puiforcat (available for purchase at www.finebrandsales.com) A geometric style highlights the new table set by Jean Puiforcat (available for purchase on www.finebrandsales.com) and the Tealight collection by Serax, both featuring red-shaded patterns that further enhance this year’s trendy Christmas table settings, adding warmth to the festive atmosphere.

The handle is the true protagonist of the Elba flatware collection, Giulio Iacchetti’s latest creation for Sambonet. Matched to the red, spiky canapés by Merci, it provides the ultimate decoration for a perfect, total red Christmas table setting.

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by Marta Lavinia Carboni / 19 December 2016


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