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How to set a minimalist-style Christmas table

Minimalist inspiration, soft colors and pure shapes for a simple, essential art de la table

how-to-set-a minimalist-style-christmas-table

A minimalist style Christmas table setting

Whenever we think of a traditional Christmas table, it is rather obvious to imagine something extremely rich, suitable to match festive meals and typically including colorful, highly complex and almost baroque decorations. Opulence is the watchword, from plates to glasses, from placeholders to centerpieces.

Even Christmas can feature a minimalist style, though – without the least loss of mirth (on the contrary!) – by substituting traditional festive wreaths with simple, essential decorations, pure shapes and soft colors, completely relying on the purest snow white as the main player in this year’s Christmas celebrations.

Iittala propounds a stark cream white for one of its most iconic table sets, Teema by Kaj Franck, which can be beautifully matched both with the Kastehelmi glasses collection by Oiva Toikka and Alfredo Häberli’s Essence set of glasses, completing the setting with the Nappula candleholder by Matti Klenell for a very Finnish Christmas table.  

A Nordic mood dominates the latest glass items by Ferm Living such as the new Ripple glass and related pitcher with the characteristically sophisticated, plissé shape for a minimalist, refined mise en place.

Designed by the designer duo Färg & Blanche, Succession is the first table service by French company Petite Friture: plates, cups and above all round, pumpkin- and cabbage-shaped bowls and tureens produced by Revol, a French historic brand specialized in the production of porcelain.

To face the usual cold of Christmas days nothing’s better (except a whole tray of panettone, of course) than a spicy bowl of hot soup. Villeroy&Boch presents the new Soup Passion collection, featuring an interesting range of different sized bowls inspired by a typically Asian food culture and table aesthetics.

For the still undecided who will inevitably end up with the usual smoked salmon-and-tortellini in brodo Christmas menu, there’s a new, helpful tool: Foodie Dice, a set of nine dice designed to inspire creative, whole-ingredients meals (186.000 possible combinations!).

Photo by Elena Corbari

A meeting point between Nordic design and traditional Italian handcraft, the new, minimalist-style, soft rock inspired Christmas balls from the Mani collection produced by Sfumaturedicipria by Britta Hermann recall the whiteness of snow and are made by using old molds that find a second life by adding white earth in the process. The firing includes no glaze at all, obtaining the perfectly matte final effect of an egg- or seashell.

Volumes, Patterns, Textures and Colors by Dimitri Bähler is pure art de la table – and much more: a range of irregular ceramic vessels born from a skillful experimentation on materials, colors, finishes by applying different techniques (digital, hand-crafted and natural) for a functional yet highly decorative table collection.  

The perfect background for festive meals is provided by the new tablecloth decorated with stylized pine trees, available on the interior website Fine Little Day by Swedish designer Elisabeth Dunker, which additionally presents the evocative Consilium Vase for the single cut flower, straw or branch, handmade in porcelain with copper and brass details.

Last but not least, the highly geometric yet delicately detailed Detsu tableware line by Natalie J Wood, inspired by the creation of patterns via primitive shapes, using high-precision laser-cut molds to create beautifully handcrafted shapes, available for purchase at looklikelove.co.uk (see opening photo).











by Marta Lavinia Carboni / 19 December 2016


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