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How to wrap up a gift package? The tutorials by designers

CRTLZAK, Gio Tirotto, Servomuto, Studio Irvine and Zanellato Bortotto teach us how to wrap up Christmas gifts

December 25 is approaching and you have not yet decided how to wrap up your gift packages? Do not panic, we'll help you ... and other 5 designers.

Because even if the gown does not make the friar and looks can be deceiving, a beautiful dress can give dignity to every thought, and attention to detail is the index value that we attach to our gift. And science confirms it: according to a study by Daniel Howard, a marketing professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, when we are in front of a well-wrapped gift will appreciate better the content. And then, Howard continues, the action of unwrapping gifts is associated with happy moments, our mood gets better and our attitude is more positive.

So leave aside the pre-packed boxes and just go ahead with wrap up gift packages. If you are short of ideas, you can copy the ones of CTRLZAK, Gio Tirotto, Servomuto, Studio Irvine e Zanellato Bortotto which have created for us the original gift packages complete with a tutorial.



Inside Out

Inside out is a box within a box, a coating that is contained and is the container. In a paradoxical game CTRLZAK Study questions the packaging as a communication tool beyond commercial logic. In an endless loop our package dresses and undresses by staging an ironic and unsettled circularity that contradicts the common opinion and daily experience.

The paper used is Antiqua: wallpaper designed by CTRLZAK for Wall & Deco.


Gio Tirotto

Xmas Tennis Ball

A nice Christmas gift package recycling a tube of tennis balls.

Needed: Tube of tennis balls, two rolls of duct tape, one white and one red, 4 screws with loop, 50 cm red Christmas lanyard, a pair of scissors.

Procedure: wrap around the pipe the white ribbon first and then the red ribbon (paying attention to the inclination); tighten the screws with loop within each ball; cut and tie 10cm of lanyard for each ball and place it in the eyelet



Playing with the meaning more "hard" of the term Servomuto and with the image of the logo mask S&M, a Christmas package all in the name of Bondage (to customize watching up on youtube and choosing your favorite knotes)

Needed: 5 meters of black cord, 1 white cardboard box, 1 adhesive label Servomuto, 1 applique Servomuto Cameo model with vintage wallpaper William Morris, 1 electrical cable Servomuto 1.50 cm upholstered in burgundy silk

Procedure: Enter the applique and electrical cable carefully wrapped in a white tissue inside the cardboard box; start creating the nodes in the rope as to obtain the rings of a hypothetical chain as in this video (the meshes realized in this case are 4, but it can also be smaller using a thinner string); thread the ends of the rope remained free in the second set of ring, turn over the rope in the back of the box and then continue again by inserting the free ends in the third ring, creating a knitted argyle; apply label Sevomuto in the first roar created and put under the Christmas tree.


Studio Irvine

Two packages that play with the folds to create three-dimensional paper boxes, one inspired by the biretta of the cardinal the other to Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer who helps Santa Claus. Two large impact projects to be implemented in a very easy way : just download the PDF and follow the fold lines!


Zanellato Bortotto

Furoshiki Natalizio


Like every Christmas, the list of dinners with friends and colleagues becomes very long and it is not a good idea to show up empty-handed. As good Venetian, we will never show up without a bottle of wine.


Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki, we decided to offer this nice way to wrap a couple of bottles and which can easily be carried, presenting them to dinner in the best of the ways.


by Carlotta Marelli / 17 December 2016



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