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Mirage Eclipse, the first pedal SUP

Pedal-surfing on water surrounded by nature exploring the coast is now possible


The new Mirage Eclipse, the first pedal stand up paddle board

Are you a real sportsman or woman, a lover of water and nature?! Then you have to try SUP!

The Hobie Mirage Eclips is nothing less than a modified surfboard. The traditional, trendy SUP (Stand Up Paddle), one of the most popular sports accessories of the last decades, has been utterly transformed by adding pedals. Made by American company Hobie Cat, specialized in the production of different kinds of accessories for sports and leisure time, Mirage Eclipse represents the first pedal-equipped Stand Up Paddle board ever. And, of course, it works by pedaling. This new version guarantees extreme fun besides enabling users to explore coastal areas, at the same time getting a beneficial workout.  

The design is particularly captivating: the usual stand up board has been turned into a pedal board by adding two pedals which can be activated by pedaling from an upright position. The pedals are connected to the Hobie Mirage Drive, an underwater system featuring a flipper that, under the pressure of the user’s steps, easily propels the board.

The SUP speed obviously depends on leg power. Even in adverse weather conditions and rough sea, the board provides an extra-stable ride thinks to a set of underwater flippers that can fold up guaranteeing a safe comeback to the shore.

The Mirage Eclipse stand up board features a pair of aluminum hand-levers like those found on a bicycle that can be adjusted at different heights. Easily maneuverable by both adults and kids, the board can be steered by activating the levers just below the handlebars, steering the SUP right or left according to the side on which pressure is being given.

Mirage Eclipse is available in two versions (3,2/3,8 m length), both equipped with a safety strap and several accessories (e.g. the practical water carrier) and other optional gears such as the fishing equipment. Yet there’s still more to it. Mirage Eclipse can be further transformed into a conventional SUP by simply removing the pedals and handlebars.



by Désirée Sormani / 22 December 2016


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